Whipped Body Butter

The Detour Co products remind you to slow down and enjoy the experience of those micro moments that remind us what it is to be human.

These all natural small-batch skincare products are created with love, goodness and playful curiosity.

Through playful curiosity in pursuit of our wellbeing, we become confident in ourselves and our choices. And often, these small shifts occur in the small but slow and sacred moments when we take the time to invest in ourselves – in our skin, our souls, and our community.



The Detour Co. body butter is the luxurious lotion you’ve been looking for. The whipped texture slides on like butter and absorbs right into your skin for instant nourishment. The Detour Co. body butter has been effective in soothing very dry skin, reducing pain and rashes associated with eczema, tending to broken and cracked skin from hard days of work, moisturizing baby bumps and postpartum bodies, applying to radiation burns, razor burn, it’ll help remove your makeup and more! This truly is an all-in-one wonder!


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