Ticket: Leisure Education Workshop for Burnout & Stress

Date: May 30, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Cost: $65 +HST

Location: Jess Jones Recreation Therapy, 1124 Gainsborough Road, London

Age: 18+

Goal: The terminal goal of the Leisure Education Workshop is to empower participants with the attitudes, knowledge, and values necessary to leverage leisure activities as a means of reducing stress, preventing burnout, and promoting holistic wellness.

More Information: Leisure Education Workshop for Burnout & Stress


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Target Audience:

Working Professionals: Employees from any sector who experience high levels of job stress, long hours, and work-related pressure. This includes corporate employees, healthcare workers, educators, and those in high-stress environments like tech and finance.

Managers and Executives: Leaders who not only face their own stress but also the stress of managing teams and organizational pressures. They might be interested in learning how to integrate leisure for personal benefit and to improve their leadership by managing stress more effectively.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Individuals who often juggle multiple roles and face the stress of maintaining and growing a business, who may lack the time or knowledge to effectively incorporate leisure and relaxation into their busy schedules.

Parents, Especially Working Parents: Individuals balancing the demands of both work and family life, who are prone to burnout and might be looking for effective ways to incorporate leisure for stress management.

Caregivers: People involved in the long-term care of family members with illnesses or disabilities, whose responsibilities may lead to high levels of personal stress and emotional fatigue.

Healthcare Professionals: Nurses, doctors, therapists, and other healthcare providers who work in high-stress environments and need strategies to prevent burnout and maintain their own well-being.

Students, Particularly in Higher Education: University students who are facing the pressures of academics, future career concerns, and personal development, who might benefit from structured leisure activities to reduce stress.

HR and Wellness Program Coordinators: Professionals tasked with developing and implementing wellness programs within organizations, looking for new and effective solutions to enhance employee well-being.


Join us for a comprehensive Leisure Education Workshop focusing on attitudes, knowledge, and values about leisure, tailored specifically to support stress reduction and prevent or recover from burnout. Led by experienced recreation professionals, this workshop will equip participants with practical skills and insights to effectively utilize leisure as a tool for stress management and overall well-being.

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