Hand Painted Greeting Card – Bloom Burst

Our hand-painted greeting cards are a beautiful way to say thank you to a friend. Perhaps they’ll travel long distance and reconnect with someone far away but not forgotten? Maybe they will be used to surprise a colleague with a simple not of gratitude. They would also be perfect to keep, cherish, and use to write and remember important affirmations. They are also suitable for framing and to look upon when you need a bit of spring.

Like art, words come from a place of authenticity and intention.



Being creative is an important part of our every day life.

Many recreation therapy programs are rooted in words, music and art.


Creativity helps us to:

  • Express our feelings and ideas about all kinds of things.
  • Perceive the world in new and different ways.
  • Make works of beauty, problem solve, and refresh our bodies and our minds.
  • Become better problem solvers in all areas of our lives and work.


Creativity accompanies innovation, increases productivity, allows for adaptability, is necessary for growth, and is an in-demand skill.


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