Cafezia Coffee – Medium Roast

Cafézia Coffee adds the natural power of herbs to premium organic coffee to give you a clean, focused energy to support your mind and body without the negative effects traditionally experienced when drinking coffee. All the perks you love, without the ones you don’t.

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate and toasted caramel.

Our dark roast is smoky, rich and intense, bringing out notes of dark chocolate and toasted caramel. It brings out the bold, but it’s also velvety-smooth.

Tastes like a delicious cup of coffee – rich and smooth. You won’t be able to taste the herbs, but you sure will be able to feel the difference they make to your mind and body!



Cafezia infuses their coffee with three Organic superherbs: cleavers, hyssop, and yerba mate.

Although you may not have heard of them, they are quite popular in the herb world, having been used by herbalists for thousands of years.

They each have extraordinary scientifically-proven health benefits. When combined together, they make an impressive trio that supports your immune system, as well as your overall wellbeing.

You can just call them the Superherbs.


Cleavers is primarily a cleanser, meaning it detoxifies the body. It’s high in vitamins and nutrients too, and also great for your skin!

Finally, cleavers has always been found to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and stimulate the liver. It’s typically consumed as a tea.

Fun fact: cleavers can be found growing in the wild throughout Ontario (you can even find it growing in some woods in London, Ontario)!


Looking for a natural remedy for a sore throat, cold, cough, or congestion? Try hyssop!

Hyssop is a fantastic immunity-booster, as well as a strong anti-inflammatory herb. Plus, an essential oil made from hyssop can be applied topically to reduce swelling and heal bruises faster. As part of the mint family, it shares some similar benefits with peppermint and spearmint. For example, like peppermint, hyssop can aid in digestion and help people de-stress.

Fun fact, hyssop used to be hung in homes to protect against evil spirits. So you know it must be good then, right?

Yerbe Matte

Yerba mate is the cream of the superherb crop.

Across the board, it is known as one of the world’s most medicinal herbs. It is high in anti-oxidants, which help prevent certain diseases, such as chronic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. It also contains countless essential vitamins and minerals to improve overall wellbeing.

Fun fact: tea made from yerba mate is extremely popular in some countries in South America. It is a tradition for families and friends to share yerba mate in one tea cup, which is a sign of total friendship.


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