Beaded Wood Necklace (18 inch Blond Hues)

The soft blond tones of this handcrafted wood bead necklace are a must have for any season.  At 18 inches, it can be folded to create a thick bracelet.

Each bead represents an affirmation. The act of touching the beads becomes a mindful and meditative practice, reinforcing positive thoughts and intentions.



Beaded jewelry often play a role in significant life events and rites of passage. In some cultures, they are given as protective charms during childbirth, while in others, they symbolize milestones like coming of age or marriage. Exploring the rituals and traditions surrounding beaded bracelets reveals how these adornments become tangible expressions of cultural values, community bonds, and personal growth.

As we navigate the cultural and spiritual significance of beaded jewelry, we uncover the stories etched into each bead and woven into the very fabric of these wearable artifacts. Beyond mere accessories, they become conduits of tradition, carrying the wisdom of generations and fostering a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves.

Take a journey into the heart of cultural and spiritual symbolism by wearing beautiful wooded beads. From the sacred rituals of indigenous communities to the personal spiritual journeys of individuals, you can explore how these tiny, beaded threads connect us to the tapestry of humanity, transcending borders and echoing the timeless resonance of shared human experience in the realm of symbolic jewelry.


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