Meet Kristin Reid!

After becoming a mother, Kristin realized how important connection was to her happiness. Connection to herself, her community, and nature. From this new perspective, she began learning and practicing new ways of building that connection daily. Kristin now uses this inspiration in her yoga classes, writing, and watercolour art. 

Kristin's yoga classes are about letting go of expectations and showing up as you are. They are about building our capacity to connect to ourselves and each other through conscious awareness and breath. They are coming home to yourself and seeing our natural interconnectedness with life. 

Her art is an expression of her love of nature. Her loose floral watercolours and nature journaling demonstrate the simplicity and complexity of nature coexisting to create this beautiful world we live in. 

Kristin is a mom of two girls, and you will often find her out for a walk, in her garden, or at her desk painting the day away. 

Wild & Grounded

1124 Gainsborough Road London Ontario

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